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Air Conditioning

Over 500 Positive Reviews

Ductless Air Conditioning

We install a wide variety of brands for homes that require ductless air conditioning systems. Houses that were built before duct systems were introduced are the primary users of ductless air conditioners. However, ductless air conditioning has been an ultimate solution where the duct work is impossible
Do not hesitate to ask us to evaluate which one of ductless air conditioners will be appropriate for your home? One of our representatives would be happier to give you several options. Or tell us what exactly you were looking for? You will be replied as soon as your specific needs have been figured out and an optimum solution will be given to you. Do you have a space where ductwork is impossible? Ask us how a ductless air conditioning system can provide years of comfort that is:

Quite operation.

Wireless remote control

Available in Cool and Heat/Cool (Heat Pump)

Triple Air Purifying Filter

Natural breeze using CHAOS Swing

Healthy Dehumidification

Auto Restart

Sleep Mode Auto Control system

Also available as “dual” unit – cooling two areas of your home