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We also provide Preventive Maintenance Program of yearly Inspections and service in terms of cleaning and tune up of your Heating and Cooling Systems, regular filter changes, and steps to maintain relative humidity in your home.



Residential Heating & Cooling

Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists
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       Curative Heating and Cooling is the name where every work
is always done right.We have been committed to provide our excellent
services to you. We can install central air conditioning unit for your
home too.More info

       We install a wide variety of brands for homes that require
ductless air conditioning systems. Houses that were built before
duct systems were introduced are the primary users of
ductless air conditioners.More info

       The importance of your clean ducts system can be better
expressed as the importance of your healthy lungs. Dust, dirt,
animal dander and other airborne contaminants are pulled into your duct
system every More info


       We use quality manufacturers, who are experienced leaders in the
fireplace industry. A gas heated fireplace is clean, convenient and can
provide you with a very warm and comfortable More info

       Power Humidifiers add moisture to maintain the relative
humidity to your dry air with adequate percentage of water 
vapor.More Info

       Today, we can give a perfect and cost effective deal to you too.
We install, repair and service all type of furnaces including mid and
high efficiency More info

       Natural gas barbecues are the ultimate choice because of 
availability of fuel all the time More info

       Did you know that you can save your heating and cooling cost by
10% or even more? More info

       Water heating is the second-highest home energy cost for most
household. Natural gas water heaters generally heat water faster and cost
much less to operate More info

       Natural gas is a convenient way to carry clean energy to
central heating   systems, water heaters, fireplaces, barbecues, stoves,
clothes dryers and ovens More info

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