We also provide Preventive Maintenance Program of yearly Inspections and service in terms of cleaning and tune up of your Heating and Cooling Systems, regular filter changes, and steps to maintain relative humidity in your home.


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Power Humidifiers add moisture to maintain the relative humidity to your dry air with adequate percentage of water vapor. This process is called humidification and accepted as a necessary element for human being as well as animals comfort, especially in winter season.

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We install a variety of power humidifiers so you get your indoors dry air controlled with optimum level of relative humidity that prevents you from nose as well as throat and skin discomforts. The dry air is also a major cause of shrinking and eventually cracking the wood of your house structure as well as damage of your furniture too.

Humidifier starts working as soon as humidity level falls below the optimum level. The humidistat controller automatically supplies water through solenoid valve (in drain type), and then water is sprayed evenly across the humidifier medium. Your dry air is then forced through the wetted medium and the humidified air is distributed throughout your home .For optimum calculation and best suggestion, we can recommend the right model for your home.

      These are the older humidifiers that have a rotating sponge picking up water in a reservoir. These older systems are very high maintenance. They should be cleaned and sterilized monthly and the sponge should be replaced yearly.

We do not recommend the use of this humidifier as it may be hazardous to your health and your furnace if not properly maintained .

These newer style humidifiers use only fresh water when humidification is needed. They drain un-used water to prevent build up of calcium and bacteria. These systems require no maintenance or cleaning. Just replace the evaporator pad every 2 years.
We have been striving to find latest and improved Humidifier that is cost effective and ultimate comfort for you. We recommend and install a Humidifier that uses a pulse flow technology. These types of
Humidifiers save your water consumption by 80% and use only 20% water that save you money. Have us to install this cost effective and fully automatic Humidifier at competitive prices.