We also provide Preventive Maintenance Program of yearly Inspections and service in terms of cleaning and tune up of your Heating and Cooling Systems, regular filter changes, and steps to maintain relative humidity in your home.


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Electronic Air cleaners are highly efficient for your home comforts. The air that we breathe in our homes is normally having dust and can be loaded with spores, pollen and other pollutant contamination. Electronic Air Cleaners are widely recommended by allergists for allergy suffers as well as for relief to hay fever patients. The efficiency of your duct air distribution system and your furnace increases as Air resistance remains unchanged in your duct system during pullulated particles collection by the

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Electronic Air Cleaner. Fine particle matter such as cigarette smoke can be removed by Electronic Air Cleaners.Odours of vapours such as tobacco smoke can be reduced by adding an activated carbon filter, capturing over 94% of dirty air particles that are 0.5 microns or larger Please contact us for right model of Electronic Air Cleaner for your house. We install, inspect and service all type of Electronic Air Cleaners with workmanship guarantee.

Electrostatic air filters are Media filters made from a material that generates a static charge in response to airflow. The static charge attracts pullulated particles to the medium. Electrostatic air filters are more efficient than a conventional or standard filtlers. Most electrostatic air filters are washable and reusable. We can install an appropriate electrostatic air filter for your  
house with life time warranty.
We install all kind of Electrostatic air filters with 10 years to Lifetime warranty. The benefit you get is the performance never less than 99% efficient on pollen and spores pollutants.

Slab air filters consist of layers of filter material, usually fiberglass, held in place by a cardboard frame. The fibers are treated with oil or a similar adhesive. Slab air filters for residential use are usually about one inch thick. Its initial cost comparatively less and upkeep are low. Please contact us if Slab air filtration is desired.

We install all type of Slab air filters with workmanship guarantee.


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