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Heat Recovery Ventilator
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Heat recovery ventilation systems allow R-2000 homes to maintain high indoor air quality without excessive additional energy costs.

How does an HRV work ?

An HRV is able to recover 70 to 80 percent of the heat from the exhaust air and transfer it to the incoming air. The core of an HRV is the module where the heat is transferred. Both the exhaust and outdoor air streams pass through this module. The heat from the exhaust air is used to pre-heat the outdoor air stream. Only the heat is transferred and the two air streams remain physically separated. This dramatically reduces the energy needed to heat outdoor air to a comfortable temperature as a result.

Air Exchange

The HRV system installed in an R-2000 home can change all the air in the house over a 3-4 hour period. Most HRVs are also equipped with automatic humidity sensors and furnace interlock that increase the ventilation rate when needed - for example, the exhaust air is normally collected from the kitchen and bathroom areas when we use the shower, where most moisture and odours are created.

NU-AIR Heat Recovery Ventilator

Windsor Series:

Compact, space saving design
Efficiency proven operation
5 Year Warranty
Aluminum cabinet
Polypropylene core
Built-in Furnace interlock
Low variable speed setting

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Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator

When you are looking for full-featured Heat Recovery Ventilator that looks Fantech.You will find a complete line of energy saving units from small compact models ideal for condos to full size commercial HRV’s

7 Year Limited Motor Warranty
Lifetime Warranty on Aluminum Core
5 Year Limited Warranty on Other components