We also provide Preventive Maintenance Program of yearly Inspections and service in terms of cleaning and tune up of your Heating and Cooling Systems, regular filter changes, and steps to maintain relative humidity in your home.


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Curative heating and cooling has been providing an optimum solution for heating to our valuable customers. Today, we can give a perfect and cost effective deal to you too. We install, repair and service all type of furnaces including mid and high efficiency, oil furnaces and selected boilers and all their accessories with Company's limited warranty and after sales service.
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It should remember that a high efficiency furnace can give you up to 97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

It has always been recommended to consult a professional before installing or replacing a furnace in order to get the appropriate one for your home with all respect, so call or mail us and one of our qualified technicians can visit and advise you the capacity and best location of your furnace. Varity of accessories such as humidifiers and air cleaners can improve your indoor air quality as well as furnace efficiency in terms of cost effectiveness year after year.

Yearly furnace cleaning with proper maintenance will keep your furnace running more efficiently and extend its life. Proper upkeep of your ducting will help prolong the life of your furnace and ensure all the heat is delivered through out your home efficiently. Call us today to schedule your appointment to get your furnace cleaned by a qualified licensed technician.

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We can schedule a technician to visit to you. Our services are provided to your area including Toronto Greater Toronto Area – GTA, North York, Etobicoke, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton Ajax, Pickering and Oshwa


We check thermostat settings and calibration. Improper settings or a poorly calibrated thermostat can cycle your heating and cooling equipment improperly, especially calibrating is a great concern in your heating system. Costing you more money and delivering unacceptable comfort levels

We Clean and adjust blower components to get adequate airflow. Inadequate airflow can result in a loss of up to 15% of the system's efficiency and costing you more money on your electric energy bills.

We make sure tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current consumption on motors. Poor electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system.

We lubricate all moving parts. Lack of lubrication causes friction in motors and blowers and increase electrical energy consumption. Improper lubrication can destroy the bearings and sleeves and cause the motor to burn out.

We check and inspect the condensate drain of your heating system. Condensate drains produce water (condensate) as a bi-product of the combustion process in your heating system.

We Inspect, clean or change air filters. A dirty or broken air filter causes higher energy cost and can damage the equipment, leading to early failures.

: We check operating and safety controls. They are important to ensure the proper and safe operation of your system. Checking the starting cycle and safety limit of the furnace assure you that the system will start, operate, and shut off properly.

High efficiency gas furnaces are also called Condensing gas furnaces. They are the most energy-efficient furnaces available with seasonal efficiencies between 89 and 97 percent. High efficiency furnaces have two heat exchangers. The first heat exchanger is almost similar that of mid efficiency or a conventional one. The second heat exchanger is basically used to maximize the temperature of the air being delivered to the building’s comfort. High efficiency furnaces have sealed combustion with forced draft. Outside air is drawn in to the furnace combustion chamber through an ABS special plastic pipe.

 Furnace heat is provided by burning an air-natural gas mixture and transferring the heat through these heat exchangers to the air circulating to a building. However, the efficiency of a furnace depends on how much heat is extracted from the combustion products before they are exhausted to the outdoors. High efficiency furnaces exhaust less than 17% of flue gases temperature through special plastic ABS pipes and because of more heat is extracted, condensing is occurred. Since a bi-product of combustion, this condensate has acidic characteristics and directly piped to a floor drain is prohibited without a neutralizer.
Fuel savings of high efficiency furnaces are up to 38 percent relative to a conventional gas furnace can be achieved that can give you big savings on your utility bills, year after year. In addition, polluting emissions released into the environment are also reduced.

      Other energy-smart features are being introduced to achieve an optimum and cost effective efficiency of these furnaces are micro processor controlled operation, electronic pilot light ignitions, electronic fan centers, sealed combustion units and improved venting strategies. To choose a replacement of a furnace usually depends upon different factors like budgeting, current venting system, location of furnace being replaced and the construction of house. However, sometimes installing a mid efficiency can reduce a significant amount of installing expanses than of a high-efficiency gas furnace. Our experts can inspect and provide you a cost effective and optimum solution according to all your heating and cooling needs against competitive prices.

Mid-efficiency gas furnaces primarily use a naturally aspirating burner and do not have a continuously lit pilot light. Only one heat exchanger is used to transfer heat to indoor comforts. These furnaces are equipped with a powered exhaust, typically with a built-in induced draft fan. They do not have a draft hood. Mid-efficiency gas furnaces operate at about 80 to 85 percent efficiency that is approximately the upper limit of efficiency without causing flue gas condensation. Flue venting for these furnaces is typically a double wall galvanized steel or aluminum called a type “B” venting. This type of venting requires a true calculation and selection according to the
code and must be approved and acceptable by the authority having jurisdiction. Seasonal efficiency is much higher for mid-efficiency gas furnaces than for conventional furnaces, offering energy savings of 21 to 26 percent over conventional gas furnaces. The installation of mid-efficiency gas furnace usually performed against the replacement of an old conventional or mid-efficiency gas furnace where an approved type “B” venting has already been used. Other energy-smart and safety features are being introduced to achieve an optimum and cost effective efficiency of these furnaces are micro processor controlled operation, electronic pilot light ignitions, electronic fan centers, and improved venting strategies. In case of calculating a cost effective solution for replacement a gas furnace already has an approved type “B” venting, Mid-efficiency gas furnace is the answer that can significantly reduce installation cost than of installing a high-efficiency gas furnace. We are the company with all your heating and cooling solutions against competitive prices. Our experts can inspect and provide you a cost effective and an optimum solution according to all your HVAC needs. We install quality assured equipment with manufacturer’s limited warranty. However, a free labor warranty is offered according to your signed contract.